Jaap Juursema

Solving business problems, with:
- Office365
- Front end
- UX

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I have experience in:
- SharePoint Branding/styling
- SharePoint Implementation
- Microsoft flow
- Microsoft powerapps
- Nintex workflow cloud
- SharePoint framework


I have experience in:
- Angular
- Bootstrap
- Handlebars
- Office dev pnp core JS
- Office Fabric UI
- Vue.js


I have experience in:
- Flow charts
- Information architecture
- Usability testing
- User interviews
- Wireframes

About me

When I was just a little kid I was already playing around on computers, my first own computer was a ZX-Spectrum. I used it to play games, but also to do some simple programming.When I was a little older I had all kinds of business ideas, from soccer-pools to "Koek en Zopie". So I went to a retail/small business-school, but after finishing this, I decided that computers were my main interest, so I went to "the academy for digital communication" at the Hoge School Utrecht, where I got my Bachelor degree.At this time internet was rising, and becoming more common. I found the internet an intriguing environment, so I made my work of it.